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Mr J. Ottenhof from Wapenveld; used the tele-rehabilitation solution

Telemonitoring works out very well for me. It gives a clear overview of the activities and the time spent on them. The variation in this is just what has an extremely stimulating effect.

Furthermore, the method gives a clear insight into the pulse and always enables you to determine whether the (subjective) feeling of effort corresponds with the objective readings.

I am very enthusiastic about this method.

Mrs M. Neefjes from Kraggenburg; used the telemonitoring solution

"The telemonitoring has worked out very well for me. The idea that there are people looking on in quite a tumultuous situation. From one day to the next your life is actually turned upside down. Your whole life situation and lifestyle have to be radically changed.

Through the telemonitoring there is still someone watching. The weighing and the measuring of the blood pressure are very simple. It beeps if the phone's battery is losing power. And it even beeps before you have weighed yourself or before you have measured anything. Thankfully this only happened to me once on a Sunday morning. Yes, on the other days you usually rise early enough. So this really does only happen to you once! And if something is wrong you are contacted right away. So it's all very simple."

Mrs M. IJssel from Zwolle; used the tele-rehabilitation solution

“I found it a challenge and enjoyable to participate in the pilot with the movement phone. Because I had to become aware of the fact that I had to move for my health. Because I was rather tired when I came home from work, and I didn't really get anywhere with sports either. Work was an hour's drive away, and the couch was my best friend, so, in short, the motivation to exercise was nowhere to be found. Now I'm tired of sickness benefit and glad to be able to take this on. Heart rehabilitation and also more exercise. Because you can also view your own results, it made me feel good that I was doing well.

The phone is practical to use, and you can choose from different activities. It motivated me to get on my bicycle more and the awareness also followed. When de pilot was over, and I had to get back to work, the real challenge began for me. I joined a gym, get off my couch more, get on the bicycle more, take regular walks and am more aware that exercise is very good for my health.”

Mr J. van der Sommen from Ommen; used the tele-rehabilitation solution

“The rehabilitation after the surgery was a success. At the end of the programme, I was asked if I would like to participate in a test of a half year, during which time you had to wear a movement meter while taking a walk or playing sports, for example. For me the drive was the so-called “big stick”. I started with taking walks. In the beginning, this took a lot of effort: short distances, which also made me short of breath. Gradually, I got a taste for it: because of the daily walks my fitness improved by leaps. The distances became longer and the pace became higher. By now, it has already been a half year since the test ended. But, the walks still have their quick pace.

If I hadn't participated in the test I doubt if I'd have come this far. My recovery and the motivation to keep working on my health have definitely been given a push by the enthusiasm of the rehabilitation team!”

Angela Nieuwveld, manager Isala Leef- en beweegcentrum Zwolle

“A Movement Meter is particularly suitable to keep patients motivated to keep exercising enough. It provides very nice support. To see what you achieve stimulates and motivates to keep going, because changing behaviour is difficult and takes time. As professionals, with insight in the readings, we can coach patients longer this way.”