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About the company

HC@Home enables patients who have a chronic disease the ability to enjoy self-management for a part of their treatment with the help of a user-friendly solution for application in the domestic setting. Working on health at home and in their own environment, with supervision from a distance, gives the patient the full flexibility to further develop activities adapted to their personal situation and preferences.

HC@Home has its origins in a collaboration of cardiologists from Zwolle and the Isala Leef- en Beweegcentrum.

HC@Home is located on, and since beginning of 2016 also a member of the health innovation park in Zwolle.

About the services

Depending on the programme, one or more different readings are performed every day. With cardiac rehabilitation it is all about the improvement of physical fitness, with activities and the pulse being registered. With heart failure, the weight is measured daily and the blood pressure can also be measured.

HC@Home uses clinically validated sphygmomanometers and scales. The sphygmomanometers meet the directives of the European Society of Hypertension. The heart rate monitor communicates, just like the sphygmomanometers and scales, via Bluetooth with a programmed smartphone. Because of the use of wireless equipment, patients can use it everywhere and work on the improvement of fitness in their own environment.

Reading data is sent to a secured website via the smartphone and it is there that they are available for both the patient and their healthcare professional. HC@Home is used as part of a treatment and helps patients actively work on their health at home.

The HC@Home system is registered as a Class I medical device under number EN - CAOO2-2014-32838 with the Dutch Inspectorate for Health Care.

HC@Home processes personal data. The processing takes place according to the conditions stated in the privacy statement .